Individuals and organizations that attend Pal’s BEI training courses are serious about their journey from ordinary to extraordinary. Through our courses we provide the opportunity to see what extraordinary looks like from the inside and to learn proven practices from a world-class role model.

Our courses are not just for restaurants. Over 80% of processes are common to all organizations. We all have employees, we hire, we train, we work with suppliers, we manage customer service and satisfaction, we create and deliver our products/services, etc. Only about half of the people taking our classes are from the restaurant industry. The other half come from all types and sizes of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Our training courses are action-oriented. We go beyond just knowledge transfer. We engage you during class and enable you to carry out action plans immediately upon your return to work.
Our success rate at getting course attendees to implement something they learned within 30 days is the envy of the training industry. We are 4x better than the best benchmark we can find. For you, this means that like thousands of others who have taken our courses, you will see an immediate ROI from this training investment.


Achieving World-Class Results (AWCR)

In this two-day course, attendees also experience a behind-the-scenes visit to a Pal’s Sudden Service store. There you will see Pal’s world-class principles and practices in action and have a candid Q&A session with the Owner-Operator of the store. In this course you will learn:

  • How to better accomplish your mission without adding resources
  • The leader’s role in building and sustaining a culture of excellence
  • The least expensive and least risky path to growth
  • How to design operations that are easy to manage AND operate at best-in-class levels
  • The economics of excellence
  • How to implement improvements that are used by all and don’t drift away
  • The importance of designing jobs that fully use employee talents
  • To implement training that gets 100% of your people trained to do the job 100% right at 100% volume
  • How and why to set unachievable goals
  • Why organizations that change the slowest change the most
  • How to deliver legendary customer service
  • How to hire the right people so that your turnover is lower and your productivity is higher
  • Why you should develop and implement an AND mindset not an OR mindset
  • The importance of determining what business your organization really is in
  • Why ordinary managers and their organizations stay ordinary
  • How to walk past your competition and never have to look back
  • Why organizations with more rules and stricter enforcement fire fewer employees
  • The ROI of respect


Lean for Service and Health Care

Like Achieving World-Class Results, this is an action-oriented course. In this one-day course, we will show you how to rapidly increase efficiency and reduce costs WHILE improving service. You will learn Lean principles and tools, see them applied in a real business, and come away with an action plan for your organization.

The Lean tools come alive during a tour of Pal’s Sudden Service store. You will see first-hand how the principles of Lean work in practice.

This course is designed for those who want to turn their business, department, or organization into a lean and profitable operation. In it you will learn how to:

  • Design the value in and the waste out of processes
  • Identify the 8 types of waste
  • Turn a series of small improvement steps into huge savings
  • Use lean tools to eliminate waste in your organization
  • Design for effectiveness first and efficiency second
  • Use Lean tools to improve at both work and home

Classes fill up early. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Customized Classes

Excellence is in the Details/Spectacular Customer Service/Sustaining Operations Excellence

Presented by Pal’s Business Excellence Institute
8-5 each day

(U.S. Dollars)

  • One 8-hour Customize Class: $10,000 plus Expenses
  • Two 8-hour Customized Classes on two consecutive days: $19,000 plus expenses
  • Three 8-hour Customize Classes on three consecutive days: $25,000 plus expenses

Designed for Use

Simple and proven practice

You choose from many proven options offered how you want to improve your current operations practices

Come away with action items

Implement one or more action items within 4-6 weeks

Excellence is in the Details (8 hours)

What is the difference between a sound process that produces average results and an extraordinary process that produces sustained, repeatable excellent results?  We have found that excellence is always in the details. The details usually consist of approximately the last 15%. The 85% is required to make the transaction complete. Getting the details right sets the degree of excellence for the processes, products, and services. This training will include:

  • How: a systematic approach for designing the details into service, product, and people processes that then consistently used to produce extraordinary results
  • Examples: the Baldrige winning Pal’s Sudden Service examples will be used to illustrate real applications for service, product, and people processes
  • Practice: will enable you to practice doing this for your organization’s processes during the workshop with guidance from the instructors
  • Deployment: how to get the details tested and deployed to all stores 

Course Outline (Excellence is in the Details)

  1. Understanding the basic economic exchange
  2. Understand the difference transactional and excellent transactions
  3. Excellence is always in the last 15%
  4. Small group exercises to illustrate that excellence is in the details
  5. Designing processes that are excellent instead of just transactional
  6. Training in the details
  7. What’s in it for me?

Excellence in Customer Service (8 hours)

This training will emphasize three major aspects of customer service: hospitality; speed; and handling complaints. This training will include:

  • What are the key aspects of hospitality?
  • How behaviors translate to hospitality
  • The key elements of speed
  • Using the GX system to systematically improve
  • Elements to help assure that going as fast as possible consistent with operations excellence

Course Outline (Excellence in Customer Service)

  1. Two key elements of customer service: hospitality and speed
  2. Hospitality
    1. World-class practices
    2. How to design hospitality into the service process
    3. How to train for excellence in hospitality
    4. How to consistently deliver great hospitality
    5. Systematically improving your hospitality process
  3. Speed
    1. World-class practices
    2. How to design first for quality and then for speed
    3. Universal Speed Limit for excellence
    4. How to consistently deliver quality first and then speed
    5. Systematically improving the speed of delivery
  4. How to handle complaints
    1. World-class complaint process
    2. Comparison of your organization’s complaint process with world-class processes
    3. How to consistently handle complaints so that you recover customer good will
    4. How to use complaints to prevent future occurrences

Sustaining Operations Excellence (8 hours)

This training will look at sustaining operations excellence and lean after it is initially implemented and getting results.  This training will include:

  • Designing for sustainability
  • Implementing and training for sustainability
  • Sustaining a process at 100%

Course Outline (Sustaining Operations Excellence)

  1. What are the elements that need to be in a process so it can be sustained at 100%?
  2. How to implement a process so it can be run at 100%
  3. How to sustain the improved process to consistently run at 100%
  4. Material helps to support the OKRs with the managers