Achieving World-Class Results

This training class offers a total perspective on how the various management systems of Pal’s Sudden Service are integrated to produce world-class results.  Participants will learn Pal’s management practices in human resources, process management, customer focus,  and leadership that create a high performance culture.

LEAN for Service & Healthcare

Rapidly increase efficiency and reduce costs while improving service.  Learn Lean techniques that cost you minimal or no capital money.  In this course you will learn the principles, see them applied, and come away with an action plan for your business or organization. Using our operations as an example we can show you first hand how…

Training To 100%

This hands-on workshop will provide proven keys to successful training practices that can take your organization’s performance from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s an overlooked fact that extraordinary organizations have outstanding training processes. They don’t settle for less than 100%.

Three Steps To Spectacular Customer Service

Based on the benchmark practices of Pal’s Sudden Service, this hands-on workshop will provide eight proven keys to consistently delivering spectacular customer service, including the three main steps that give organizations an edge over their competition.