President and Chief Executive Officer

Thom Crosby joined Pal’s in 1981.  During his career with Pal’s, Thom has held positions of Owner/Operator, Vice-president/COO, President/COO, and currently President/CEO of Pal’s Sudden Service. Thom also serves as CEO of the Business Excellence Institute, an educational subsidiary of Pal’s Sudden Service.  Thom is known for his straight forward style of communication and has a reputation for setting high standards and building highly motivated teams.  His leadership method is effective at cutting through obstacles and distractions of operating a foodservice operation to arrive at the very core of excellence as evidenced by the operation consistently producing outstanding results.

Pal’s Sudden Service has made history by becoming the first and only foodservice operation to earn America’s highest business honor – the Baldrige Quality Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Pal’s set a new record as the first company of any type to win the Tennessee Excellence Award twice.