The Business Excellence Institute Team

The Business Excellence Institute is dedicated to teaching performance excellence techniques and practices that have proven effective in achieving business results. Performance excellence that is simple enough to understand and complete enough to work. Performance excellence as it is used by Baldrige winners and other excellent companies. The Institute’s mission is to inspire and enable organizations to achieve operational excellence.

All of the Business Excellence Institute faculty have many years of first-hand experience in applying performance excellence principles to achieve business results at Baldrige-winning and other excellent companies. All members of the faculty are excellent instructors as well as experts in performance management and it’s implementation. Here is a list of our recognized individuals who serve as the faculty for the Business Excellence Institute:


President/CEO of Pal’s
CEO, Pal’s Business Excellence Institute
David J. McClaskey

President, Pal’s Business Excellence Institute
David M. Jones 

Vice President, Pal’s Business Excellence Institute

Katie Wood
Director of Marketing & Administration

 Dr Deborah Harley-McClaskey