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Your business is good, but you know deep down that it could be great. You’re not willing to settle for ordinary, but you’re not sure what steps to take next. We can get you there. Our teaching, consulting, and speaking – based on the world-class role-model practices of Pal’s Sudden Service – will enable you to lead your organization from ordinary to extraordinary. You have the power to elevate your life and the lives of those around you.

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In a recent Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (BEI) “Achieving World-Class Results” class, one of the class participants, I will call him Sam (not his real name), described what he got out most of the class. What he said struck me. It touched on one of those fundamental truths that we all know. A truth that…

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How to get people and organizations to sustain a positive change is probably one of the most important, yet vexing hurdles in all of leadership. As such, sustaining a change is one of the topics that I research and incorporate into training leaders from all over the world. In Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (Pal’s BEI)…

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One of the keys to an operationally excellent organization that we teach at Pal’s Business Excellence Institute ( is that everything you do should be the best known way to accomplish your organizations’ Mission. Focusing everything on the best known ways to achieve the Mission harmonizes all of a company’s actions toward a single, unified…

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“The class is a secret weapon to achieve great results”

“The class taught concepts that can be applied to any industry to improve outcomes. I’m excited to get back to work to implement changes to improve resident & associate experiences”

“The value of this course far outweighs the cost and time commitment. I would highly recommend this course. You all are awesome!”

“If you are willing to take a hard look at your company and make a powerful impact through small changes, then this is the right course”

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