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Achieving World-Class Results

Our most attended class – a great place to start.


This training class offers a total perspective on how the various management systems of Pal’s Sudden Service are integrated to produce world-class results.  Participants will learn Pal’s management practices in human resources, process management, customer focus,  and leadership that create a high performance culture. The class includes a behind-the-scenes tour of Pal’s and Q&A with senior management. Come away with principles and practices that you can immediately integrate into your organization. This class is ideal for executives and managers at all levels as well as human resource and quality control professionals.


  • Create a compelling vision of an operational excellence culture through a “front line” experience
  • Provide management insights or “gems” and help develop action items to be applied to your organization
  • Improve your business results by enabling application of management principles and practices taught in this training

Typical Agenda

Day 1:

  • Introductions, Pal’s Basics and Performance Results
  • Workforce Focus
  • Store Tour

Day 2:

  • Process Focus
  • Management Focus
  • Planning to Use
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